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MBA General Meeting January 8th

Please bring your Mba renewal! Options below :
MBA 2015
$125 Membership
$200 Membership & Fallen Heroes Run • T-Shirt Sponsorship (discounted from $100 to $75)
$375 Membership & Fallen Heroes Run • T-Shirt Sponsorship & A-frame (A-frame to be displayed at run)

  • Posted January 5, 2015

Christmas Village & Tree Lighting

Check Out The Fun We Had!

Mayfair Christmas Tree

Mayfair Christmas Tree2

Mayfair Christmas Tree3

Check Out More Pics Here

  • Posted December 19, 2014

Christmas Decoration Contest

Tis the Season Mayfair - It's time for the 2nd Annual "Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest"!

Beginning today, the Mayfair Civic Association working in conjunction with the Mayfair Business Association will be awarding prizes and custom lawn signs to the 3 best decorated houses in Mayfair

It's a Major Award!

This contest is open to all current, and hopefully future Mayfair Civic Association members

The rules are simple:
1. To be judged in the contest, you must live within the boundaries of the Mayfair Civic Association
2. Your home must be nominated either by yourself or by a neighbor
3. The nominations are open from December 1st, until 11:59PM December 16th
4. Your address and decorations must be clearly visible from the street, and must remain lit until Midnight

How it works:
- Beginning today, you may either nominate your own home, or you can nominate a neighbors home which you feel best captures the spirit of the Christmas Season
- You can nominate your home by visiting (and joining) the Mayfair Civic Association facebook page, or by sending an email to MayfairCivicAssociation@yahoo.com
- Shortly after we begin to receive nominations, we will create a Google Map so that people living in Mayfair as well as people visiting Mayfair can drive around and check out the entries for themselves ... How cool is that?!?
(As a courtesy to our neighbors living in surrounding neighborhoods, even though they will not be eligible to win the contest, we will be more than happy to include their homes on our map as well - The more the Merrier!)
- Beginning on December 17th, 12 Judges will score each entry on a scale of 1-12, with a 1 being the equivalent of a window cling, and a 12 being a full blown Clark Griswold Christmas Extravaganza!
- Here in Mayfair we do not do "1st, 2nd, 3rd", we simply award the Top 3 equally
- On Saturday December 20th the winner will be announced, and sometime that evening members from the Mayfair Civic Association as well as the Mayfair Business Association will visit each winners home to award them with their custom lawn sign indicating that they are indeed "2014 Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest Winners" along with other prizes donated by members of the Mayfair Business Association.

It's simple to do - It's fun to do - And it is another great event happening right here in Mayfair!

This contest is a team effort, and without the work of the Mayfair Civic Association, the Mayfair Business Association, and our neighbors living right here in Mayfair who go all out during the Christmas season, none of this would not be possible. PROPS to you all! Together we can ensure that Mayfair continues to be a Great Place to Visit, and an Awesome Place to Live!

Have FUN!!

Donny Smith
Mayfair Civic Association

  • Posted December 7th, 2014

Mayfair-Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade

What amazing smiling faces at the Mayfair-Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade this past Sunday. It was a phenomenal turn out!

Huge thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered to help things run as planned.

Mayfair Thanksgiving Parade

Mayfair Thanksgiving Parade

Mayfair Thanksgiving Parade

Mayfair Thanksgiving Parade

Mayfair Thanksgiving Parade

Check Out More Pics Here

  • Posted November 25, 2014

2014 Halloween Contest Winners!

Congratulations To The 2014 Halloween Decoration Contest Winners!

2800 Fanshaw

3345 Glenview

3251 Friendship (2nd year winner!)
View Pics Here

Mayfair Halloween Contest

Another big thanks to the Mayfair Business Association Members for their donated prizes:

Other top decorated houses for this years contest include:

  • 6340 & 6342 Crafton
  • 3458 Friendship
  • 3501 Sheffield
  • 2944 Princeton
  • 3014 Knorr
  • 3142 St. Vincent
  • 3249 Friendship
  • Posted October 31, 2014

Halloween Spook-Tacular Recap

Great turn out today at the Mayfair Memorial Playground! Thanks to all of our sponsers and wonderful community for participating!

Mayfair Halloween

Mayfair Memorial Playground

Mayfair Playground Al Schmidt

Mayfair Playground Halloween

Mayfair Playground Viriva

  • Posted October 25, 2014

Mayfair: Five Frankford Avenue Newcomers

It's impossible to talk about Northeast Philadelphia without mentioning Frankford Avenue. Known to Mayfair insiders as The Avenue, Frankford Avenue was once a thriving business district in the heart of Northeast Philadelphia. Residents recall a time when Frankford Avenue was filled with retail shops, theaters and restaurants.

Since then, businesses have come and gone. A surge of empty storefronts left residents wondering if The Avenue would every return to its former glory. But if the recent openings of new shops is any indication, Frankford Avenue will experience a revival soon enough. Here are five businesses that have recently opened on and near Frankford Avenue [Continue]

Sisters Consignment Mayfair
Sisters Consignment, New Shop in Mayfair Philadelphia
  • Posted October 20, 2014

Mayfair: Putting Used Goods To Good Use

At first glance, the interior of The Camouflage Rhino looks and feels just like any other thrift store you may have visited. Racks of clothing, second-hand furniture and various used appliances fill the sales floor. However, after learning about the store's mission, these items suddenly have a noble purpose.

Camouflage Rhino Mayfair Philadelphia
The Camouflage Rhino

The Camouflage Rhino employs area vets through a jobs program and 96 cents of every dollar it brings in goes directly to the Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia [continue]

  • Posted October 20, 2014

Mayfair: "Everything I Needed Was in a Central Location,"

Dana Lambie has been a Mayfair resident her whole life. She is actively involved in the community, serving as co-chair of Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground, as well as serving on the boards of various community organizations, like Community Care of the Northeast. Her family also owns Lambie Funeral Home. Philadelphia Neighborhoods spoke with Lambie to find out what motivated her to become so involved [continue]

Lambie Funeral Mayfair Philadelphia
Lambie Funeral Home in Mayfair Philadelphia
  • Posted October 17, 2014

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